About London Solomon

London Solomon was diagnosed with an aggressive type of leukemia (AML) May 2005 when she was only 6 years old. She spent most of the next 7 1/2 months in Phoenix Children’s Hospital undergoing five rounds of intense chemotherapy with only a few trips home to visit family and friends.

Cancer treatment for AML meant weeks in isolation as well as painful procedures and illness. It was frightening and painful, but London accepted her condition and decided to LIVE in spite of it. She was brave during the hard times, patient during the sick times and never complained. She wasn’t afraid to be herself and didn’t allow the cancer to hold her back. In her room she danced, sang and played, and was even able to cheer at a few of the QCHS football games – bald head and all! Her grace and spirit inspires all of us to take advantage of each new day without fear of doing hard things… cheerfully!

In December 2005, while in her fifth round of chemo, she developed an infection her weakened body could not fight and she passed away December 21st. Her passing touched all who knew her. Her death reminded us that our relationships with each other are what matters most. She reminded us to hug and cherish those around us everyday. You can read journal entries made during treatment by clicking here and see what her journey was like.

The butterfly was chosen as the logo for London’s Run and London’s Ride because it represents the changes one makes as they go through the cancer experience. For London, her cocoon was the treatment and the months spent in isolation. During her treatment we saw her grow and change from a little innocent girl to one with a greater sense of appreciation for life and family, self and fun! When one emerges from cancer treatment they are more refined and beautiful – and ready to take flight. So it was with London.

We salute cancer survivors everywhere who emerge changed in subtle but important ways ready to take flight and make more of the life they new before cancer. The butterfly reminds the rest of us that we can watch on with wonder and learn from the privilege we have in rubbing shoulders with the special people in our lives who are touched by cancer.

About London’s Run

In January 2006, the first London’s Run was made possible by the caring support of Queen Creek residents as a benefit event for London’s family. All the proceeds go to Queen Creek families who are walking the same path the Solomons did.

About London’s Ride

2008 started the first annual London’s Ride! This equestrian trail ride will provide even more people the opportunity to participate and bless the lives of other families who are touched by children’s cancer. London’s Ride is a great day for accomplished and novice riders, families and individuals, to challenge themselves to hit the trail….cheerfully! We hope that your connection with London’s Ride will be a great experience. We hope you will contemplate your good health. We also hope you will remember and gather strength from those, like London, who have made it through hard times. Most of all, we hope you experience the satisfaction of doing something good for someone else.

About London’s Swim

Started in 2010, London’s Swim was a created because London’s family are actually swimmers, not runners! Positive Impact has teamed up with Mesa Aquatics Masters to offer a charity swim-a-thon. Swimmers are encouraged to gather pledges and sponsors before swimming up to 200 laps (5000 yards) in just 2 hours! 2010 raised about $2700 and 2011 raised close to $3000 for this great cause! All levels of swimmers are invited to attend. This event is held in the fall.

About Positive Impact

Positive Impact, founded in 1998, was born from a community in need. Over the past 13 years, our mission to help families in crisis remains clear and purposeful. Since inception Positive Impact has raised over $1,000,000 that has translated into life-giving medical procedures, groceries and paid utilities for struggling families and an avenue of hope to those in need. Our goal in the beginning is the same today, “to help families in crisis whose needs are greater than their resources”. Positive Impact is proud and humbled to come to the assistance of our community and is committed to providing that critical lifeline to a community in need.

For More information, please visit their website.